Black Fin Tuna Caught On Coolwater

This week started off beautifully. Perfect skies, bright sun, warm temperatures, and best of all, lots of activity out on the water. The week was especially successful for our offshore deep-water captains, who reported back catches of everything from Yellowtail Snapper to Blackfin Tuna. We have also seen a surge in the number of sailfish caught. Now, sailfish is one of the species that many of our guest anglers are eager to go after. And if we search hard enough, we can find them, it's rarely an issue. But lately, the wind conditions have been perfect for catching sailfish with the winds coming from the north and the east. The forecast for the upcoming week keeps the winds coming in from the north so if you're hoping to catch some sailfish during your Key West fishing charter, now is the ideal time!

Another species we've been very successful in catching lately is Blackfin Tuna. Recent reports have been coming back with these guys weighing between 15 and 30 pounds. The most success we've had in catching blackfin tuna has been in the really deep waters, we're talking depths of 150-250 and usually above the shipwrecks that are found in waters this deep.

As for the shallow water trips out to the flats, I myself have gone on a few of these this week. The big star fish has been the Kingfish. One day we caught three Kingfish on a half-day charter, with the biggest one weighing in at 47 pounds! We did slow trolling off on the reef edge and used live bait to catch these big boys. Same method worked marvelously for Wahoo, with our biggest one weighing in at 45 pounds.