Deep Dropping

For years, those going on fishing trips had to choose between maximizing rest and relaxation by chasing after only small fish, or battling bending rods and big fish in search of enough large fish to feed the family. With the advent of deep dropping, you can get the best of both worlds -- a relaxing, fight-free fishing experience that still allows you the opportunity to reel in large, family-feeding fish. Deep dropping is a technique that facilitates friendly, relaxing afternoons of social fishing while electric reels do the dirty work of pulling up big fish from extreme depths.

While you can certainly be successful in fishing to your heart's content in shallow waters, using a traditional rod and reel only allows you to access a fraction of the aquatic environment. With deep dropping, the addition of weights up to 10 pounds and large electric reels allow you to tap into the largely untouched areas of the ocean, where some of the biggest catches available for Key West fishing reside. The depths of the waters surrounding the keys are like a secret treasure trove for fans of Key West fishing, with species such as Rudderfish, Golden Tilefish, and both the Snowy and Warsaw Grouper inhabiting those deep waters.

Using the deep dropping technique can be particularly beneficial during the hotter summer months, as increasing water temperature prompts many good food fish to migrate to cooler climates. However, 1,000 feet under the surface, the water temperature tends not to be impacted by the change in seasons, so the big fish tend to stay put year-round. In some cases, you may end up pulling up a fish species and your friends haven't ever seen before, making deep dropping a great learning experience and a great opportunity for fun with friends.

Another distinct advantage of deep dropping is that it is a highly efficient manner of fishing for food. When fishing with hooks baited closer to the surface, you may expend considerable time and effort trying to coax a fish into your boat as your rod struggles against the tension. And in the end, you may not even end up catching the fish. When deep dropping, you can bait several circle hooks - often with squid or other favorite prey of deep sea fish - to maximize the potential for bites. And with strong electric reels, you can choose whether you want to take on your fishy foe using your own strength or whether you'd prefer to have the electric setup take over.

Whether you're into Key West fishing for the social aspect or to make sure you have a feast of fish to enjoy in the evening, deep dropping is a technique that will allow you to get the most out of your Florida Keys fishing experience.