Key West Tarpon Fishing in July

While Key West is well known for its ample deep sea fishing and sport fishing opportunities, July likely is the best month to catch the widest variety of fish and possibly land a Key West slam of trophy sport fish. Whether fishing in the deep sea, up in the flats, in the backcountry or along the many reefs and shipwrecks that hold many types of fish species, July offers the best opportunities to land a variety of trophy fish, including sailfish, marlin, barracuda, sharks, yellowtail, grouper, dolphin, bonefish and many other species. Some of the world's best fishing is done with Key West light tackle fishing charters during the month of July when bait fish and their predators are at their most active.

Flats Offer Great Key West Sport Fishing Opportunities

One of the great things about fishing along Key West in July is there is no need to charter a Key West deep sea fishing vessel to do it. Tarpon and other species come into the flats during July to feed on the smaller species and make use of the abundant food sources located in the shallows and flats along Key West. Tarpon, bonefish, baby tarpon, barracuda and other popular sport fish make their way into the many flats along the keys and are great targets for sport fishing. Tarpon are one of the most powerful and popular species of sport fish for visitors to target, and landing a large tarpon is a truly thrilling experience people enjoy retelling the rest of their lives. Tarpon also are one of the primary species targeted when attempting a Key West light tackle fishing slam.

Backcountry Fishing Opportunities Abound in July

Chartering smaller fishing vessels generally is more affordable than deep sea vessels and enables fishermen to get into the backcountry areas where larger vessels can't go to target the many popular sport fish located in backcountry areas. Many of the most popular species of sport fish are found in the backcountry waters, including redfish, tarpon, trout, barracudas, sharks, snapper, snook, Jack fish and other popular species. Catching a trophy fish as well as a great meal is easy when tossing a plug or other lure in the backcountry waters of Key West. Another advantage of backcountry fishing is the ability to move from fishing the flats to the backcountry waters and out onto the reefs and shipwrecks where ample opportunities abound for landing the trophy fish of a lifetime.

Key West Light Tackle Fishing on Reefs and Wrecks

There are countless reefs and shipwrecks located among the waters of the Florida keys, and that means there are many highly localized populations of bait fish that attract sport fish people dream of catching in Key West. Yellowtail and mutton snapper, jacks, permit, barracuda, sharks, kingfish and many others all make their way around the various reefs and shipwrecks in the area. Skilled charter captains know where those reefs and shipwrecks are and can put tourists on the fish for a day of angling fun.