Key West Catch of the Week - January 12, 2015

There have been a bevy of terrific catches this week in Key West. The weather has been generally warm and sunny with only periods of rain, which paved the way for great fishing conditions all week long. This is the reason as to why there were so many fantastic hauls throughout the week. Our many Key West fishing guides were able to help anglers of all experience levels locate the very best areas for fishing. While there were plenty of catches of note during the week, the one that stood above the rest was the catch of a huge Red Snapper, weighing in at around 50-60 pounds. The huge size relative to the majority of Red Snapper in the waters of Key West helped to ensure its spot as the Key West Catch of the Week.

As touched upon previously, Red Snapper aren't known to be one of the largest species of fish in the waters of Key West. Most of them vary in weight from 15-35 pounds, with the largest ever weighing in at around 85 pounds, which is why the 50-60 pound catch this week was so surprising. This species of fish likes to gather around shipwrecks and reefs and can even be found swimming in small schools at these locations. Our Key West fishing guides can take you to these spots and possibly help you catch more than one of these beautiful fish. Anglers tend to hunt this fish both for game and food reasons. In fact, it has a huge popularity as a food fish all throughout the United States, noted especially for the firm texture and sweet flavor of the meat. As can be guessed by the name of this fish, it tends to be identified by anglers due to the red colors that adorn their bodies, though the red can range from a pale to a bright red. They are also identified by their dorsal fins and large scales. Their extremely sharp teeth aid them when hunting their prey.

Red Snapper are at their most prevalent in warmer waters, particularly in Key West and around the Gulf of Mexico. This week saw largely fantastic weather and fishing conditions, which likely helped to create a prime situation for the angler catching this fish. Though it's easy to reel the fish in once hooked, it can be tricky to get the fish to bite in the first place, as they like to nibble at the bait for a bit before biting. However, anglers are provided with one small advantage over the fish, as Red Snapper can be caught using any number of bait or artificial lures, including cut or live bait. This is especially helpful when you're out on the water and find that one type of bait isn't working too well. You can just switch and try another. If you would like to attempt to haul in a fish worthy of the Key West Catch of the Week, don't hesitate to visit Key West today.