Key West Fly Fishing

Key West fishing is known far and wide as some of the highest quality fishing in the nation, with the scenic vistas and pristine waters providing plenty not only for the eyes but for the rod and reel as well. Among the most popular and fastest growing types of fishing in the Key West area is fly fishing. Fly fishing allows you to catch a broad range of fish, including many suitable for eating, such as bonefish, tarpon and redfish.

As the name suggests, fly fishing makes use of artificial flies, which take the place of bait on hooks. These flies are typically made of plastic with feathers, fur and other materials, and often look like insects or bait fish. You can choose from flies that float as well as flies that sink, depending on which types of fish you wish to catch with these technique.

Fly fishing provides a challenge to anglers, although with Key West fly fishing, it is a rewarding activity thanks not only to the incredibly scenic surroundings but the great opportunity to land a variety of fish. The main challenge, particularly for those who are used to bait fishing, is adapting to the technique required for successful casting. Rather than having a line that is weighed down by a heavy sinker that allows for long casts, the momentum in fly fishing actually comes from the weight of the line, as the flies themselves are very light. As a result it can be more difficult to get the distance on your casts to which you might be accustomed.

Once you get a handle on the differences between fly fishing and traditional bait fishing you may find yourself hooked on the new technique -- in a good way. Fly fishing is a popular choice for Key West fishing for many reasons, including the rush that you'll get from fighting to land a fish with your own strength rather than an electric rod and reel setup. In addition, fly fishing can be done in almost any area, so whether you are in waters shallow or deep, fly fishing is a great option.

Key West Fly fishing can be a great way to spend a day in the sun with friends and family, and at the end of the day, you'll often have a great spread for dinner to show for your efforts. Whether you're new to fly fishing and want to try out something new and fun or you're a veteran looking to see what the Key West fly fishing difference is, fly fishing is a great option while you're in the area.