Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing Key West is done in the aquatic playground we call the Atlantic Ocean. By choosing offshore fishing in the beautiful blue water's that surrounds the Florida Keys you will have experience some of the best offshore fishing in the world. Our Key West Fishing Charters have perfected many different techniques to catch good quality fish. Some of the deap sea fishing techniques include trolling, live baiting, and kite fishing to name a few.

One great thing about Key West Offshore Fishing is that there are many different species of fish that can be caught at any time. You never know what kind of fish may come up from the deep and attack your bait, it is exciting to say the least.

Throughout the year, the Keys enjoys numerous migrating fish which keep the charter fishing captains on the water every day. When offshore fishing in Key West it's best to help the captain look for signs of fish in the area. Look ahead for diving birds, rips, weed lines, and color changes. The more you help yourcaptain, the better your overall experience will be.