Reef Fishing

Thanks to a mild subtropical climate, reef fishing is a sport that can be enjoyed year-round in Key West. An abundance of natural living coral reef inhabits the water a few miles from shore. Considering these systems are home to a tremendous amount of marine species, reef fishing is a favorite activity by both locals and visitors alike. The reefs in Key West are considered complete ecosystems, and since they attract small fish, they are essentially magnets for larger species that prey on the smaller fish, thereby providing world-class fishing opportunities.

Key West is such a coveted reef fishing destination because it is known for being home to a wide variety of sport fish. Light tackle anglers typically set their focus on cobia and permit, while snapper, grouper, and other popular bottom dwellers attract the attention of others. Those looking for a thrilling experience appreciate that there are pelagic species and predators to purse, as well, including giant barracuda, amberjacks, and a generous assortment of shark species.

Although seasoned veterans flock to these waters, non-technical novice anglers can enjoy reef fishing in Key West, too. Fishing guides know precisely where to drop a line based on the game they are after. They will often position the boat up current, and use chum to attract smaller species, which in return brings in the aggressive feeders. Action on these boats never stops, and anglers generally appreciate a diverse assortment of species caught throughout the day. "Reel, reel, reel" is a phrase that will ring in your ears long after the day is over.