Live Bait Fishing

When we hear the term “live bait fishing” it usually means either live minnow fishing or live worm fishing. These are the more popular types of live bait used for freshwater fishing. There are some important tips you should keep in mind to be a more successful angler when live bait fishing.

First, think about the scents that are on your hands. Most people overlook this when they go live bait fishing, and it’s important! When your hands have unnatural scents on them, such as gasoline from gassing up the boat or car, it transfers to your bait and will cost you some bites. This is why it’s so important to keep your hands free of odors. The best way to do this is by grabbing a handful of dirt or grass and rubbing it through your hands before baiting up your line. This will help you get more bites.

Next, think about your fishing line. The fact is that the more visible the fishing line is the better the fish will see it. If the fish see the fishing line, they are less apt to bite it. This is truer when using live bait and fishing in clear water. Use the thinnest fishing line you can use while using live bait for fishing.

The next strategy is making sure that you are on the water and ready to fish when the fish are active. This can be done by paying special attention to the moon and weather. Believe it or not, these two forces together have a great impact on the feeding activity of the fish. The more you understand how these affect live bait fishing, the more luck you will have fishing.

By using some of these techniques, sooner than later you will see more successes with fishing.