May Tarpon Fishing In Key West

It is almost May in the Keys which means it's almost officially summer time! May also marks the official start Key West tarpon fishing season, even though as our past few reports have showed, the tarpon have been around earlier than normal this year. But all of our flats fishing trips have been excellent thanks to the large number of tarpon that are making their way back into the Caribbean region and are normally found in Key West flats fishing. Fly fishing in Key West has been the preferred method to use for these species. The flats fishing has been great not only thanks to the tarpon but also to the permit population that have been available in large quantities. This is just the beginning of tarpon and permit season, so it's only going to get better from here throughout the months of May, June and July. And the deeper into the season we get, the larger the fish that we catch! It's bound to be an exciting summer for Key West flats fishing!

Offshore we are seeing the beginning of grouper season! These delicious fish can be taken home with you and cooked up at one of the many local seafood restaurants. We have seen catches that include black and red grouper, as well as gag grouper and scamp grouper. The other main catches this week off shore has been Mahi Mahi, another awesome species to catch since you can also take it back to shore with you! Bring your sunscreen and come hang out with one of our highly respected and talented local Key West fish guides!