Types of Fishing

Go ahead, ask for a some time off to refresh and recharge, the boss will understand. And if you tell them you’re going to spend some time down in Key West trying to catch the big one, they’ll practically hang up that ‘Gone Fishin’ sign for you! Anglers from around the world flock to the waters off the coast of Key West, for a whole host of reasons. First, the climate is ideal, and you can fish almost any time of the year. Second, Key West is home to an endless number of experienced Key West Fishing Charters with captains, eager to share their knowledge with you, and lastly, but most importantly, anglers the world over are attracted to Key West because of the diversity in fishing it has to offer. Key West’s unique geographical location means that it can enjoy 12 different types of fishing. With the Atlantic Ocean and the great reefs to the south, and the Gulf of Mexico and Flats to the north, you have the opportunity to brush up on your fishing techniques or give new ones a try. These 12 fishing types include: Light tackle; Deep dropping; Shark fishing; Tarpon fishing; Kite fishing; Wreck fishing; Fly fishing; Flats fishing; Backcountry; Reef fishing; Deep Sea Fishing and finally, Live bait fishing. Our blog will serve as a guide for those planning a fishing excursion to Key West. Happy Angling!