Key West Fishing Species

Have a hankering for a getaway? Fire off an email to the boss, pack it in, and hang the ‘ol ‘Gone Fishin’ sign up, because once you start reading this Key West Fish Species blog, you’re going to wonder why you hadn’t booked yourself some Key West fishing charter eons ago! The balmy climate and favorable seas make Key West a hot spot for fishing, attracting anglers the globe over. The waters off the coast of Key West are bountiful, and on a favorable day, an angler can see dozens of different kinds of fish at the end of their reel, including the African pompano, a coastline fish whose diet consists mainly of crabs, lobster, shrimp and smaller fish. The Gag Grouper, a highly popular fish down in the Keys, is an inhabitant of Florida’s coral reef. Weighing anywhere from 10 to 20 pounds, you’ll find the Grouper on just about every menu in Key West. For the more experienced anglers, and those seeking a challenging day out on the water, you might be lucky enough to reel in a hammerhead shark. Found in larger schools around eastern Africa, Hawaii, and Colombia, catch a hammerhead, and you’ve got yourself one fantastic fish tale.